We offer a comprehensive menu of long recognized classical dishes, delicious comfort food & exotic contemporary creations, all cooked & prepared to the highest standards by skilled chefs. Whatever mood you are in, we have a choice for you, be it spicy, mild or medium. To dine in the restaurant, choose from our A La Carte menu that suits all and includes delicious healthy options.

Authentic food with contemporary touch

Our fine Indian food is prepared by chefs from the region of the offering, which makes it genuinely authentic. We offer exceptional food because of our selection of dishes. Some are rarely being served anywhere around the region, as the range of ingredients used in true Indian gourmet cooking is often laborious to assemble, prepare and slow cook. But we consistently strive to achieve this end. We are obsessive about our ingredients and spices, knowing that true flavor needs to start from the genuine raw material.

A wide selection from sea to land

With our menu covering a selection of classical and contemporary grills, tandoori, seafood, poultry, meat and vegetarian creations, we also felt it appropriate to tantalize the taste buds with some exceptional street food and original starters. For example our addictive Chicken Chettinad is a perfect blend of variety of Indian spices that give spicy and aromatic masala, yet a fulfilling authentic taste. We also offer sharing platters available for 2, 3 or 4, offering diners a fresh seafood or vegetarian selection.