At Tamarind, we continue to offer classical cuisine from several regions of India, with a particular understanding of the food that is prepared in palaces and gourmet homes, along with a selection of the best of ‘street food’.

We continue to maintain an authentic Indian menu based on traditional recipes with an intrinsic understanding of fine-tuning tastes of the 21st century. Our food aims to comfort as well as inspire and satisfy the demanding penchant of our diners. Tamarind Savoring India restaurants are recognized as breaking new ground in the presentation of Indian dishes, including some which are new to this region. We ensure our guests feel extraordinarily special, we strive to exceed our guest’s expectations and try to ensure that each dining experience is a memorable one.

Our two restaurants are conveniently located in Greentree and Cranberry. Whether you are looking for a casual or ‘step above’ atmosphere, we can offer both for you.

Whichever location you choose, you will have the best quality food and great service which we are proud of. Our two locations specialize in Indian food, free range, no added color and low in fat with the freshest herb and spices from around the world.

The team at Tamarind Savoring India Restaurants look forward to meeting you at our restaurants and would like to wish you the warmest of welcomes.