We continue to please the food critics along with our customers.We are grateful for the feedback that brings with it praise, as well as reward for our talented chefs and obliging staff.

A continuous recipient of various awards from Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburgh City Paper, UrbanSpoon and so on.

Please see a selection of our customer comments

“Excellent flavor and spice level. The spices were wonderfully layered, and the service was excellent for us. Portions were generous and prices were fair. Excellent experience. Really great place—we wish we had it here in Seattle.” – Andy W.


“Authentic Indian food. A little spicy for anyone who has not tried Indian food before. We loved it. We had the buffet on a weekend afternoon and it was great.” – Karthick R


“My hubby & I were in the Evans City area for the 2nd Annual Night of the Living Dead festival this past Halloween, & Flavor of India in nearby Cranberry Twp caught our eye. We went to their lunch buffet on a Sunday & the selections were dynamite! Excellent selections, excellent flavor!” – Charly J

“One of my favorite places to eat! The food is always fantastic, I’ve tried the majority of entrees on the menu. Wait staff is attentive and efficient, keeping your beverage glass full & checking in to see if there are any extra needs. The food is consistently wonderful, spicy or not – Enjoy! –JadeiR


“The food here was a shining gem in a sea of other restaurants I’d call mediocre at best.” – Tara A.


“Definitely the best Indian food in Pittsburgh. Great southern Indian veggie dishes. Creative dishes, too.” – EM

Media Reviews

Pittsburgh City paper

Dosas — enormous, papery-thin pancakes made from a fermented lentil-rice batter — are perhaps the definitive southern Indian dish. Tamarind offers several varieties, from which we selected cilantro. Our dosa arrived folded into a triangle to fit the plate; when we unfurled it, the full circle, painted with cilantro chutney, resembled a ringed slice of tree trunk. Its flavor, somewhere between an herbed cracker and a crepe, was complemented by an excellent spicy, sweetly-tangy tomato paste and sambar, a broth for dipping that was chunky enough with vegetables to be eaten as a soup in its own right.

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